Lightweight Jacks and Pumps


  • Powerful - 5 tonne capacity on head or toe
  • High lift - 178mm
  • Fast Operation - 5.5mm lift per stroke
  • Stable - substantial base offers stability under load
  • Versatile - horizontal or vertical operation
  • Safe - positive stop feature prevents over-stroking, pressure relief valve prevents overloading
  • Ease of Operation - lifting/lowering controlled smoothly by operating lever, acceptable lever effort
  • Low Clearance - 41mm
  • Reliable - jack hydraulics are totally enclosed
  • Robust Construction - can withstand rough treatment, ferrous construction has led to its extensive use underground


  • Powerful - 6.5 tonne, 10 tonne, 15 tonne capacity
  • Proven - thousands in use all around the world
  • Well Engineered - servicing and repair easily undertaken
  • Safe - relief valve prevents overloading
  • Compact and Lightweight - ideal portable tool
  • Versatile - operates in any orientation, totally enclosed, suitable for use in dusty conditions
  • Easy to Operate - lift/lowering controlled smoothly by operating lever

Hydralite Range

General Information

The Hydralite Range
A range of lightweight jacks designed to lift, lower, manoeuvre and position heavy loads with maximum safety.
  • Portable
    Extensive user of high strength aluminium alloys has minimised jack weight for improved portability.

  • Reliable
    All moving parts are totally enclosed and lubricated by the hydraulic oil. Seats are highly resistant to deterioration under widely varying climatic conditions. Their long working life make Hydralite jacks the choice of many rental operations.

  • Safe
    Overload Protection
    A high pressure relief valve prevents lifting of loads in excess of the jack's capacity while locking overloads applied to the ram

    Overstroke Protection
    Hydralite jacks are fitted with a fail-safe positive stop mechanism which prevents overstroking of the ram by venting oil to the reservoir when the stroke limit is reached.

    Load Sustaining
    Jack models incorporating a threaded ram and load retaining ring, model - SR, should be selected when loads are to be sustained for a significant time. No need to rely on hydraulic fluid pressure.

    Quality Assurance
    Every jack is serial numbered, fully tested and certified.

  • Minimum Operator Effort
    Full capacity is within the capability of one man. The short lever is lightweight and requires little space for operation.

  • Easy and Versatile Operation
    Operator control is provided by the hexagon key in the operating lever which smoothly controls the release valve. On most jacks the operating lever can be fitted in any one of the three positions in the quadrant to obtain the most suitable operating height. The jacks can be used vertically (on the base) or horizontally (on front face) due to the carefully positioned breather.

  • Low Clearance
    Claw models of most jacks are available for lifting loads with low ground clearance. All jacks used with a claw must be fitted with the extended base option. The load applied to the claw must not exceed the maximum load stated in the specification tables and marked on the claw. A claw should not be used on screwed ram jacks.

  • Wide Range
    Capacities from 20 tonne to 100 tonne with stroke options and claw and screwed nail ram features.

  • Easy to Maintain
    The design of the jack makes inspection and component replacement uncomplicated. Main ram seal is changed by simply withdrawing the ram from the top of the jack. Refer to service instructions.

  • Ready to Use
    Hydralite jacks are immediately ready to use. No searching for suitable hand pumps with correct oil capacity, changing fittings, replacing damaged hoses or fabricating load support plates as may be necessary when using pumps and cylinders.

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Hydralite Range Charts

20 Tonne Hydralite
30 Tonne Hydralite
35 Tonne Hydralite
40 Tonne Hydralite
60 Tonne Hydralite

100 Tonne Hydralite

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The 100 Tonne Hydralite is powered by 2 internal pumps. The low pressure, fast-speed plunger moves the ram out quickly, up to a load of about 8 tonnes on the ram, before transfer to the high pressure plunger becomes necessary. The lift of ram per stroke of lever is 1.1mm on low pressure and 0.1mm on high pressure.

Hydralite Accessories

Hydralite Jacks Fitted with Bellows
Where Hydralites are used in adverse working conditions subjected to dust, grit or weld spatter, causing damage to the ram and liner, bellows can be fitted to protect these parts to extend the working life.

They can be supplied in either woven heat-resistant material, where high temperature substances such as weld spatter are present, or in P.V.C. for use in industry conditions.

They are supplied complete with a special deepened ram cap and securing clips.

NOTE: The fitting of bellows slightly increases the closed height of the jack. Not suitable for screwed ram or claw jacks.

For full details contact your usual distributor or Tangye Ltd.

Gauges reading tons load on the ram can be fitted to the Hydralite Range. It is then possible to assess the load applied to the jack during operation. It can also be used as a weighing device.

Euro Superline

Euro Superline Technical Details Chart - Click here
  • Single lift models from 3 to 50 tonnes capacity
  • Two telescopic models of 6 and 10 tonnes capacity
  • Large diameter drop forged steel circular base for added strength and stability
  • Relief valve on all models to prevent damage through overloading
  • Patented stroke limiting device eliminates damage through overstroking
  • Low manual pumping effort to reduce operator fatigue and makes easier pumping in awkward positions
  • One-piece operating lever
  • Screw extension with stop device to prevent accidental removal, allows rapid approach to load
  • Carrying handle fitted as standard on all models of 10 tonnes and above, and on telescopic models
  • Base fitted for optional gauge and accessories
  • One Year Guarantee confirms Quality Standards
  • Popular tools for use in Automotive Workshops, and lifting applications in construction, agricultural and general engineering


  • Fast
    Two speed operation gives rapid prefill or no load approach push button changeover to high pressure
  • Compact
    Small in size but develops up to 700 bar pressure
  • Portable
    Lightweight aluminium keeps weight down to 4.5kg
  • Safe
    Optional factory fitted relief valve prevents over pressurisation
  • Range
    Six models with ranges from 110 bar to 700 bar are available
  • High Flow
    Interchangeable plungers allows selection of optimum pressure/flow characteristics
  • Accessories
    Double acting valve, cisterns, tanks, frames, gauges and fixing kits are available.

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Fluid Compatibility
The standard pump is supplied with nitrile rubber seals suitable for use with mineral oils, water, oil/water emulsions, paraffin and glycerine. The pump body should not be left in contact with water for prolonged periods. After using salt water in the pump, thoroughly flush clean.

Ethylene Propylene (E.P.) seals are available to order for applications using phosphate ester based hydraulic fluids and vegetable based brake fluid. E.P. seals are compatible with skydrol 500KB and LD4. Please contact our technical department if in doubt.

Pressure Relief Valve
A factory fitted pressure relief valve may be fitted to the pump and set at any specified pressure between 56 and 700 bar. We strongly recommend that all hydrapaks are fitted with a pressure relief valve to prevent overloading and exceeding maximum safe working pressures.

100mm gauges and a fixing kit are available for horizontal mounting of a pressure gauge above the top of the pump. For pumps with a double acting valve, a fixing kit for vertical mounting is supplied. Six standard gauges corresponding to the six standard pressure ratings are available.

Double Acting Valve
A three position four port valve for control of double acting cylinders is offered as a factory fitted option. Valve outlets are tapped 3/8 NPT. There is no release valve assembly fitted to the pump body and, although internal leakage of the valve is minimal, isolation valves should be fitted to circuits where pressure must be sustained.

A range of standard tanks to satisfy most requirements is illustrated in the diagram above. They Hydrapak can easily be fitted to custom built tanks.

Interchangeable Plungers
High/low pressure plunger kits can be supplied to change the pressure/flow characteristics to any of the six standards.
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