Pit Jacks

A Range of Pit Jacks of solid, robust construction, with a variety of power options and accessories, for heavy-duty applications.

  • Retractable wheels for ease and precision of lateral positioning of the ram
  • Ram operation from either side of the pit
  • Safety bars to prevent the ram from toppling under load
  • Pistons ground and chrome-plated for long life in adverse conditions
  • Relief valve to prevent damage through overloading
  • Long stroke to handle suspensions

Single Lift models VFS available in 13 and 20 tonnes capacity.

Telescopic models VFD available in 5 and 13 tonnes capacity. Deep frame design for vehicle lifting as well as component removal.

High-Lift Universal models VFF 1.5 and 13 tonnes capacity for special adaptations.

Tangye Pit Jack Specifications

Power Options

Tangye pit jacks are supplied with three power options:

1. Manual Operation. On the single lift VFS models, a two-piston hand pump is used for load and no-load conditions.

2. Air-Assisted provides a rapid approach to load, with a two-piston hand pump for manual power under load. Specify ADP after the model number for this quick lift option.

3. Air-Operated No manual effort required. Push-button raising of the load. Simple and accessible controls. Only 6 bar (90 psi) air pressure required for rated capacity. Specify PHP after the model number for this Air-Operated option.

Transmission adaptor plate: Supplied with chain fitted, for gearbox and transmission work. Tilting model with 201/4 movement in all directions, capacity 500kg (1100lbs).

Supplied with two support stands, adjustable in three positions. 13 tonnes capacity for use with all models.

Safety Support
Supplied with two safety support stands, adjustable in four positions for 13 an 20 tonne models.

Trojan Trolley Jacks
  • 1 1/2 - 20 tonne capacity
  • Choose from 19 models
  • High lift and long reach models available
  • All models above 2 tonne have food pedal for rapid rise under no load conditions
  • Overload protection for operator safety
  • Positive stop on hydraulic cam
  • Mod approved for worldwide use
  • Locking device in handle to prevent accidental lowering
  • 3 position handle for easy manoeuvrability
  • Fitted with wide swivel saddles for optimum safety
  • Fitted with smooth running castors as standard
  • Guaranteed for 1 year from purchase date

Also on Air Models:
  • Simple push-button air control gives hydraulic lift automatically
  • Extra low chassis height for aerodynamic vehicles

Proteus Hydraulic Workshop Presses
  • 8-10 tonne capacity
  • Choose from 19 models
  • 8-12 tonne bench type presses
  • Choice of power supply - PRM - MANUAL, ADP MANUAL, AIR/ASSIST PHP AIR operation
  • 20 tonne model foot operated
  • 40, 60, 100 tonne models with optional lateral jack available (PRD)
  • 40, 60, 100 tonne models complete with central table jack as standard
  • 20, 40, 60, 100 tonne supplied with 'V' block templates and a set of mandrills
  • Ideal for general automotive and industrial workshops

Euro Superline
  • Single lift models from 3 to 50 tonnes capacity
  • Two telescopic models of 6 and 10 tonne capacity
  • Large diameter drop forged steel circular base for added strength and stability
  • Relief valve on all models to prevent damage through overloading
  • Patented stroke limiting device eliminates damage through overstroking
  • Low manual pumping effort to reduce operator fatigue and makes easier pumping in awkward positions
  • One-piece operating lever
  • Screw extension with stop device to prevent accidental removal, allows rapid approach to load
  • Carrying handle fitted as standard on all models of 10 tonnes and above, and on telescopic models
  • Base fitted for optional gauge and accessories
  • One Year Guarantee confirms Quality Standards
  • Popular tools for use in Automotive Workshops, and lifting applications in construction, agricultural and general engineering

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